The Tuesday Tester…………..YSL Fusion Ink Foundation.

Hi Everyone,

Recently, YSL had a huge sample campaign for their new ground breaking foundation, Fusion Ink. Marketed as the ‘Game-Changer in the beauty Industry’. This is some claim!

YSL BR20 and 30 ink fusion foundation samples

I have to say, i have had a love and hate relationship with some YSL products. I don’t find them always consistent in standard and the mascara’s, in particular are a disgrace. On this occasion though, they have really come up with a very nice product.

Initial Thoughts

I managed to get my hands on BR20 (Cool Ivory) and BR30 (Cool Almond). BR 20 is a bit too pale for my skin at the moment because i still have a touch of summer colour on my face. It will be great in the winter though. BR30 is a lovely beige shade and ideal for my skin tone now.

YSL Ink Fusion Foundation Samples

The foundation is quite runny and thinner than most out there and there is a slightly oily feel to it, (not in a bad way though). It gives the impression that it would give a very light coverage but don’t be fooled, it covers to a medium finish. There is also a very mild fragrance to it which disappears on contact with the skin.

YSL BR20 and BR30 fusion ink foundation samples

Three to four dabs on the skin was all that was needed for my whole face. Blending took some doing with a foundation brush. This is because the oiliness within the foundation left brush marks on the face and buffing was required to create a smooth finish. Finishing  powder wasn’t needed.

YSL Br20 and BR 30 samples Fusion Foundation Blended OUt

What’s so great about it?

A very small amount of product goes a long way. The foundation is designed to be dabbed and blended out only were it’s needed. It gives a good medium to heavy coverage without masking the skin completely or caking of any sort.

Covers blemishes and redness very easily.

Very natural looking on the skin and is available in many shades.

Dries down fairly quickly to a matte finish with illumination.

Does not settle into fine lines.

A setting powder wasn’t needed and no concealer if you don’t have blemished skin.

Has SPF18.

YSL Fusion Ink FoundationYSL Fusion Ink Shade Chart

Whats not so great about it?

I found it very difficult to blend out with a foundation brush. A beauty blender is the best option.

It did oxidize slightly after 6 hours on my skin.

It did not feel weightless on my skin as it claims.

If you’re looking for a 24 hour foundation, this is not going to be the one if you have slightly oily skin.

Redness and slight oil show through after 8 hours wear.

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation on right hand side of faceAugust 26th 2014

Picture on left shows the foundation on the right hand side of face only and picture on right is the finished look.  Note that pores and blemishes are less visible with foundation. 

Overall Verdict.

This foundation reminds me of Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation. It has the same type of coverage and dries down in exactly the same way.

I do; however, love that only a small amount of foundation is required and that means a lot of money saved over the long term. It also covered my blemishes, pores and redness with ease with little to no concealer required.

I personally still prefer lighter dewy foundations such as, YSL Touche Éclat and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua because they do not make me feel like i am wearing any foundation at all, although i do need plenty of concealer handy to cover blemishes with them.

The only real problem i did have with this one is that i did still feel like i had foundation on my skin which always happens to me with medium coverage foundations.

Game- Changer! Not just yet! A very good high end foundation to add to the mix of great foundations out there! Yes.

It ultimately depends on which beauty counter you prefer to visit, as to which foundation you may end up wearing. I think you know my preferred choice but i may leap in and buy a bottle of this anyway. I am still very impressed.

The hunt for the’ Holy Grail’ foundation is still very much on.

Have you tried this foundation out yet? What are your thoughts? Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on August 26, 2014.

12 Responses to “The Tuesday Tester…………..YSL Fusion Ink Foundation.”

  1. Mandy you are looking so pretty! Xx

  2. I am B30 which surprised me as I thought I had more warmth in my skintone but apparently not and when I tried BD20 I realise why I should never shop for foundation without sales help. But then I bought a Chanel Velvet in BR22 and it looked dreadful so I sold it on. Should have gone for B20. And yet in Tom Ford I am right at the palest end Alabaster on Perfecting and Cream on Traceless Perfecting. I guess the moral of the tale is never ever buy untested and without advice. It is an absolute minefield out there at the moment though. Xx

    • Thankyou for the compliment. Yes i know what you mean. I tried out the Perfection velvet in b22 on the back of my hand it was far too pink, horrible. I love b20 in it though. I love BR30 in this one, it is gorgeous and very natural on the skin. There are so many being released at the moment too. I want to try out the new Star foundation from Dior and Chanel’s aqualumiere powder is supposed to be wonderful. ahhhh too many haha to choose from.

  3. I bet the Dior will be good and I’m looking forward to the Chanel too! Xx

  4. I did try the Chanel as an instore sample but nothing to takeaway which annoys me because shop light is nothing like daylight and although I thought it was a bit slippy until it slipped it was lovely! I wasn’t that enamoured with Fusion Ink but it looks amazing on you so maybe I should try more of my sample bottle! Xx

    • Another person mentioned that the Chanel one was ‘slippy’. I’m going to see if they have any samples tomorrow. I think the YSL one was quite nice and as you can see, i have very red, blotchy skin. It covered all that and my pores a treat and no showing of my lines either. I have Dior Fusion makeup and i really like that but the Dior Nude one aged me about 1o years because it showed up every line on my face. It looked horrendous and powdery on me. I will have to have a sample of the Star foundation before i buy it for sure.

  5. I very much appreciate your honest review of this product. I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for a really great foundation and I can’t seem to find one that puts all others to shame. There are so many different variables when it comes to them. The coverage, the finish, the light diffusion, long-wearing vs short, heat/sweat resistance… I’m not sure there will ever be one that can do them all. However, your photo of the entire makeup look completed looked very good and it definitely eliminated emphasis on what you might consider the “problem” areas on your skin. Lovely post!

    • Thanks so much Quin. Yes that ever elusive ‘Holy Grail’ foundation. The truth is that we all have different needs from our foundations really. I want one that wears very well, as this did and covers blemishes and pores as this did and doesn’t sit in any lines on my face, which there are many haha. I only had one problem with this one and it was that i still felt like i had foundation on my face. Not a complete deal breaker ! It is a very good foundation though and worth trying out if you can get a sample of it. I have two more to try before i make my final decision but i think i might buy this one.

  6. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one too! My part of Europe is always so slowww! Pfff… Xx

    • Oh right where is that Annie? Yes, try it out, i am more and more impressed with it each day i wear it.

      • All the lovely ladies who tried it said great things about it! And I am from Romania! 🙂 We’re always one ( two, three…) steps behind on everything here! Haha! 😉 xx

      • I always love to find out where everyone is from, i get a lot of hits from Romania. Yes we are always a step behind the US. Now and again though the companies will mix things up a little and release products in the EU first, which is good, keeps everyone happy!

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