The Tuesday Tester………………….Dior Star Studio Makeup. Spectacular Brightening Weightless Perfection.

Hi Everyone,

Phew! What a long winded title for a foundation! I thought i was writing a mini novel for a moment there.

Currently, there are a few makeup companies releasing their latest and greatest foundations. YSL have just released Fusion Ink Foundation, reviewed here and Chanel have brought out the Aqualumiere powder foundation, (having tried it in store, sadly it’s not suitable for my problem skin, far too sheer; although very illuminating).

Diorskin Star Foudation sample B20

Dior are now about to release the Star foundation. Having already read plenty of reviews touting it as a very beautiful foundation which looks great in natural and artificial/fluorescent lighting, i had to get hold of a sample for myself.

Why is it called Star Foundation?

Below is the official marketing speil about the product. I’m not too sure if i buy into all of that really. I would also have to wear it longer than a few days to see if there are any improvements and reduced redness in my skin. If there is then it can only be an added bonus really. If not, then it’s pretty much like any other foundation with regards to improving the skin.

Diorskin Star Technology:

The Diorskin Star Light Pulsion Complex contains Hollow Silica Beads, a new generation of silica beads that capture and diffuse light and recreate the luminous glow achieved with perfect lighting. Upon application, skin imperfections are smoothed and softened while Corrective Color Filters selectively capture and reflect light waves, reconfiguring them to create a glow from deep within while Light Equalizers fight dullness and color deviations. In addition, the skincare actives of Diorskin Star work on three different levels via three light-trapping extracts: Immortelle Extract, Paquerette Extract and Licorice Extract. First, any irregularities on surface of the skin are smoothed out with Immortelle Extract, which works to reduce shadow zones. Next, Paquerette Extract regulates the production and accumulation of melanin and reduces pigment spots. Finally, Licorice Extract reduces redness by limiting the reactivity of the hemoglobin in the skin. This potent cocktail of active ingredients act at the source of the brightness and radiance of the skin, ultimately creating a more unified and radiant complexion after continuous use.

Initial Thoughts.

I was in Debenhams last week and they have it on early release so i managed to get a 7 day sample of it in 020, the shade i usually use in Dior Forever Fusionwear Makeup. One thing i did notice when i was trying it on the back of my hand in store was, that it has a beautiful light silky feel to it and it blended out very easily. It was also a bit more viscose in texture compared with YSL Fusion Ink foundation, which is quite runny.

It applies and blends out really nicely with a foundation brush and the colour is a perfect match for my skin tone. It does leave the skin with a lovely luminosity to it; however it remained tacky on my cheeks the whole day.

Diorskin Star Foundation shade card

Whats so great about it.

Lovely colour match for my pale skin tone.

Very natural looking in both daylight and artificial light.

A light luminous look to the skin.

Didn’t settle into any lines on my face.

Would be a fantastic foundation for people who have dry skin.

Star concealer is also available to buy and a beauty blender.

15 shades available in the UK.

Wore quite well for 8 hours.

No oxidation.

SPF 30.

Skin care ingredients added to the foundation which helps improve skin over the long term.

Gorgeous classic packaging.


Whats not so great about it.

It doesn’t dry down and leaves skin feeling tacky, not ideal if you have oily skin. I will need a finishing powder for this foundation.

It did feel like i was wearing foundation. It wasn’t too heavy though.

I will need concealer because it did not cover the bags under my eyes or any heavier blemishes on my skin very well. Even though it has medium coverage.

Quite a bit of oil show through after 7 hours wear on a warm day.

Dior Star Studio Foundation(1)Dior Star Studio Foundation Blended Out

Overall verdict.

Comparing the Star foundation to Dior Nude foundation and Forever Fusion Wear, this is absolutely wonderful. I do like the Forever Fusion wear because it does cover problem skin although it is a heavy foundation. Dior Nude Foundation just sat in every single line on my face, not a chance ever i was buying that one.

Dior Star Studio YSL Fusion Ink and Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Makeup Swatches

Comparing it to YSL Fusion Ink, Star was a better colour match for my skin but YSL FI just gave my skin a beautiful flawless finish in comparison. It dried down to a silky soft finish as well. Note that the swatches above show that Dior Star is still drying while the other two already have.

I also compared it with Chanel Aqualumiere liquid foundation and Dior Star did cover my blemishes a little more.

I am going to buy the Dior Star foundation because my skin gets a whole lot drier in the winter months and i believe this foundation is ideal for drier skin; however, i am going to buy YSL Fusion Ink foundation as well  because it will be great for the rest of the year on my combination/oily skin.

It still is one of the best foundations Dior have ever produced so far and that means even better foundations can only be created in the future.

What are your thoughts on the Dior Star Foundation? Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on September 2, 2014.

12 Responses to “The Tuesday Tester………………….Dior Star Studio Makeup. Spectacular Brightening Weightless Perfection.”

  1. great post, got to love getting testers! xx

  2. I am soo confused. Every cosmetic house has a new foundation out this season and I just don’t know what to throw myself behind yet. I wore a Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting sample at the weekend and I felt very luminous with no dry patches at all but I have to try the Dior yet! Not massively fussed with YSL or Chanel. I mean good but not perfect! Xx

    • It really depends on your skin type. I have comb/oily skin and the YSL one is the best one i have used since the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. I love the Chanel velvet one too. I am smitten most with YSLat the moment though and a tiny amount went a very long way. I have never tried out Tom Ford one and the Dior Star Foundation one is def for dry skin only. It melted off my face after a few hours sadly. Be great for winter though. I could only use the new Chanel powder one as a finishing powder and it’s a bit expensive to use it that way.

  3. Thank you for the review. I definitely agree with your buying the YSL Fusion Ink. It looked lovely on you. I don’t think that Dior Star Foundation would ever work on me. I don’t like having to set my whole face in powder every day and although my skin is “normal” I do have to say that, living in a humid place, more oil would probably show through than I would like. Very helpful! Thanks

    • Yes Quin, it is not ideal in warm, humid conditions. I think the Dior Forever Fusion Wear powder compact makeup is very good in humid conditions for controlling oil though. YSL Fusion Ink just held so much better on my skin and stayed that way the whole day as well. It wins, hands down for me. x

  4. I need to try this!

  5. I have tried both this and the YSL foundation and had the complete opposite experience to you! The YSL felt tacky on my face all day and the Dior was beautifully soft and smooth and needed no powder. I have combo skin too, so I guess it goes to show that even combo skins can be massively different!

    • Yes true. We all have different skin. I like both foundations but the YSL ended up looking the freshest on my skin after an 8 hour shift at work. I mainly wear foundation in work or when i’m going out but very rarely on my days off, so i guess in work is the real test of how a foundation is going to work out for me. Great news that you like the Dior Star foundation, i just wish they could make a couple of different ones for each skin type within the new releases themselves but i guess there are so many out there to choose from anyway. Thanks for your comments and giving a different point of view.

  6. Great review, I liked it so much 🙂 I have been using the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua for about a month with just a sample, and now that it’s almost run out I would really like to try the Dior Skinstar. For the Chanel one I tried the shade 2N1, do have I to choose the shade 10 ivory or 20 beige claire of the Dior one? I am so doubtful, I can’t make up my mind D: Do you think that the 10 it’s too fair? I mean, I am fair, but not that much XD Thank you very much and keep it up!

    • Thank you Giulia, i think you should ask the counters to colour match the foundation to your skin and then ask them to give you a sample for you to try before making a final decision about what colour and which foundation is right for your skin. I wear it for a whole day before i make a final decision. It has to stay on for most of the day to pass the test with me and not sit in any lines on my face.

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