November Favourites…………….Taking off That Winter Edge!

Hi Everyone,

This is going to be my final monthly favourites for 2014. My favourites from November- January usually are always centred around skin care products because i have very dry skin during the winter months and flaky lips, so these products are pretty much in constant use until February.

I’m also featuring a couple of new products which i have tried out this month and i’m loving too.

November Favourites 2014

1. Nuxe Micellar Cleansing Water with Rose Petals.

I was given a deluxe sized sample of this by the Nuxe rep while i was in work. It is divine and i have re-purchased the full size now i’ve tried it out for a few days.

It contains a lovely rose fragrance, which i was a little afraid i was going to have an allergic reaction too. Not to worry, it didn’t happen and left my skin feeling lovely and clean without any tightness at all. It is available here,

There is also a 400ml version available at the moment for the price of the 200ml at the official Nuxe site here.

2. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum.

I still love this great night repair serum. Softens fine lines and leaves skin lovely when i wake up in the morning. I’ve been using this for a few years now and even though i have tried out other versions by various brands, i still end up returning to this one. It’s a great product for the winter months, especially and if you’re starting to develop fine lines.

3. The Body Shop Hand Cream, Coconut.

I often use Body Shop products and i like the hand creams. They do lovely fragrances. I need hand cream in the winter everyday.

4. H20+ Dual Action Eye Makeup Remover.

I am coming to the end of my Lancôme Bi-facil eye makeup remover and a few of my friends mentioned this one was as good as it and it was more cost effective. I wasn’t convinced at first but it was on offer so, i decided to give it a whirl.

Smiley faceHappy face removed with eye makeup remover

(The eye pencil test. H20+ Eye makeup remover on the pad, pressed onto the happy face on the back of my hand for 15-20 seconds)  

It is lovely and removes eye makeup effortlessly. The H20 is also an oil in water mix using sea minerals and vitamins to keep skin plumped and soft and condition eye lashes. It removed my makeup as good as the Lancôme and makes a good alternative. If you haven’t tried this out, you can buy it here

5. Dior Lip Maximizer Collagen Activ , 005 Fresh Pink.

Diorshow Lip MaximizerI absolutely love this and the Dior Lash Maximizer too. Just beautiful products that work. No it won’t keep the lips plumped the whole day but it does make them feel plumped and moisturized for a couple of hours with minimum tingling. The tingling only lasts 15-20 mins on my lips and it is worth every penny. It’s lasted 6 months with using it almost every single day.Dior Addict Lip Maximizer just swatched

6. Chanel Sublimage Le Yeux, Eye Cream.

Chanel Sublimage Le Creme YeuxI got this free with purchase. It is a deluxe sample worth £42.00 on its own. I have been using it for more than 4 weeks now and i’m really liking how it moisturizes my eyes.

I have very dry skin in the winter and i can’t find many eye creams that moisturize without making my eyes puffy. This one does the job with no puffiness whatsoever. It has also softened off the fine lines and crows feet. It isn’t so great with dark circles so i use another one of a day to combat that. I would re- purchase this one because only the tiniest amount is required to do the job, it is a little expensive at £125.00, although it is going to last a good 7-8 months.

7. Vaseline Lip Therapy Petroleum Jelly.Vaseline 2

Great and a no brainer in the winter time. It stops my lips flaking in the colder months and is in use every day at the moment.

There you have it. What are your favourites for November? Take care and i will see you soon. 😉

~ by Mirifique Beauty on December 7, 2014.

2 Responses to “November Favourites…………….Taking off That Winter Edge!”

  1. Does Pink Bubbly smells like bubblegum or it is vanillary? I would love to try these too! 😊xx

    Lots of xx,

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