Finally! The Burberry Blushing Virgin………No Longer!

Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited to announce that there is a brand new Burberry Beauty Counter in Debenhams, Liverpool. The first one in the North West, UK i might add.

Burberry Lip Cover Lipstick with Runners Magazine

No longer do i have to lustfully long for all of the gorgeous beauty products online, i can finally give them a swatch in person; and, yes i did. I think i swatched every single blusher and lipstick and eyeliner on the counter and the SA was so lovely too.

My first ever purchase from Burberry, (of which there will be many) has to be, erm a lipstick. I just can’t help myself !! I am also planning to go back and buy two more as well.

Burberry Lip Cover Case Design

I know! Every single beauty product by Burberry has been covered a thousand times over by beauty bloggers everywhere; however, this is my slant on the product and i’m very particular about my lipsticks and their packaging.

Initial Thoughts

I bought the Burberry Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick No 9, Blush.

The outer box is a very natural hessian designed box with the classic trench coat colour, Burberry are famous for. It immediately lets you know that these shades are going to be classic, earthy and natural.Burberry Lip Cover Packaging

If you’re looking for wild, outlandish colours then Burberry will never be the brand for you. Instead, they give you classy, understated, quality beauty products.

Burberry Lip Cover No 9 Blush

Inside, is the beautiful shiny metallic square casing with the classic check design. As it is a lip cover lipstick, it is a shiny casing. The casing has a fairly weightly feel to it but i’m guessing that it is the magnet causing that. This leads me onto the the closing. Yes the magnet keeps the casing closed and the lipstick protected.

Burberry i believe, where the first to introduce this style of packaging and both NARS and MAC have adopted it into their packaging recently with new releases. I still believe Burberry do their packaging with a bit more finesse.

The lipstick is a healthy 3.5g in size for a reasonably priced (considering it is high end) £23.00.

Burberry Lip Cover No 9 Blush without Flash

The lipstick has a similar sweet smell that Diorific lipsticks have, like sherbet and the imprint on the lipstick is the check design.

The Lipstick.

I loved the shade as soon as i swatched it. Tea Rose was also beautiful and Blueberry in the Lip Mist formula, is another one i’m interested in.

Burberry Lip Cover Blush no 9 design

Blush is a lovely deep rose pink shade.

Burberry Lip Cover No 9 with flashIt has great staying power with initial moisturization to the lips, which reminds me of the Chanel Rouge Coco lipsticks. I only had to re-apply once more over an eight hour period; however, after a couple of hours, my lips did start to feel slightly dry.It’s not too bad but if you like your lips to feel soft and plump then you maybe be better trying out the lip mists instead.

Pictured left, you can see the ultra fine flecks of gold shimmer that give great shine to the lips without feeling them at all.

Overall Verdict.

The Burberry Lip Cover lipsticks are long lasting, highly pigmented with high shine and are beautifully packaged.

Burberry Lip Cover Lipstick No 9 Blush Swatch

They offer good value costing £3.00 less on average, than other high end brands; and yet, offer the same quality. You may want to try out the lip mists if lip moisturization is your main concern; however, I love the longevity and natural classy finish to these lipsticks.

Burberry Lip Cover No 9 Blush and Comparisons

Above, i struggled to find comparisons among my 60+ lipsticks. Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet, 34 La Raffineé was the closest. Probably a good thing. 

Have you tried out Burberry lipsticks yet? Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉

Oh yes, in case you were wondering what the running magazine was doing there. It’s my next great love after beauty.



~ by Mirifique Beauty on December 17, 2014.

6 Responses to “Finally! The Burberry Blushing Virgin………No Longer!”

  1. Beautiful colour! X

  2. the colour is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    lots of xx

  3. yay so great that you have a local Burberry counter to play at now! The quality is great all across… i just wished they turn out something bolder once in awhile just for some spice. Blush looks gorgeous on you! I’m more sure now that NARS Audacious Grace will look equally good… try it!

    • I agree with you on Burberry. Love their products, some more dramatic eyeshadows would be interesting. Will have to look at Grace in the Audacious range. I didn’t see that one when i was swatching the others.

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