Dior Sneak Peak…………….Spring and Summer 2015

Hi Everyone,

Sneak Peek time and these two collections i am very excited about. Not sure what else is being released along with these but i will add more when i get more details.

The Dior Kingdom of Colour Collection about to be released and i am loving the new Kohl pencils and the Wet & Dry Mono eyeshadow in Fairy Grey, an incredible multi-faceted grey, which is super unique. I also love the Lip Maximizer and there is a limited edition in pink.

Now for the Spring 2015 releases. Available March 15th.

New releases are Nude Air foundation, which is a super light foundation that can be built up were needed to give a natural look. Along with this is, A Nude Air compact too. I do love these healthy glow enhancing powders in four shades and one loose powder in pink.

Dior Nude Air Foundation and Nude Bronzer March 15

I don’t believe that this foundation will do me any favours with my problem skin but i do love the idea of a no makeup foundation.

What i’m anticipating is the summer tie dye bronzing powders in the Nude Tan range. I love the look of these new ones due for summer release. How exciting. I own so many bronzers and use them all, so it’s never money wasted with me.

Dior Summer Tie Dye  Nude Bronzers

Anyway, i will bring more details as they appear.

Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉



~ by Mirifique Beauty on January 1, 2015.

2 Responses to “Dior Sneak Peak…………….Spring and Summer 2015”

  1. Will the Tie-dye bronzes be in the USA? I need them!!!!!!!

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