Chanel Re-Formulated Rouge Coco Lipsticks………..For 2015.

Hi Everyone,

Yes i’m about to talk about my favourite subject, Chanel Lipsticks!

Not so long ago; 5 years give or take! Chanel re-formulated all their lipsticks and removed parabens from them.

The lipsticks were updated and colours were also improved. I didn’t believe they could be improved anymore, after this tbh! They are great quality for their price point.


I do think they can be a touch drying; however, they are so long lasting on the lips.


Move on to 2015 and Chanel are again re-formulating and re-naming their lipsticks. The new formula will have a plumping and much more hydrating quality which melts onto the lips, with intense pigmentation that only takes one or two swipes from the bullet to achieve.

They have been given names of people and places important in Coco Chanel’s life.

There will be 6 groups of colours separated into 29 lipsticks. Get saving peops!


  • 400 Louise
  • 402 Adrienne
  • 404 Julia
  • 406 Antoinette
  • 408 Jeanne


  • 410 Catherine
  • 412 Téhéran
  • 414 Sari Doré
  • 416 Coco
  • 418 Misia




  • 420 Vera
  • 422 Olga
  • 424 Edith
  • 426 Roussy
  • 428 Légende
  • 430 Marie


  • 432 Cécile
  • 434 Mademoiselle
  • 436 Maggy
  • 438 Suzanne




  • 440 Arthur
  • 442 Dimitri
  • 444 Gabrielle
  • 446 Etienne


  • 448 Elise
  • 450 Ina
  • 452 Emilienne
  • 454 Jean
  • 456 Erik



Lipsticks become available from March 2015. Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on January 18, 2015.

7 Responses to “Chanel Re-Formulated Rouge Coco Lipsticks………..For 2015.”

  1. oh no! more lipsticks! >_< I need to stay strong!

  2. Can’t wait tomtry them too! 😁xx
    xx, Annie

  3. I know Annie x

  4. That’s always been the dilemma with lipstick, hasn’t it? Long lasting and dry, or hydrating but wears off quickly. Good to know that the new ones are working on this. 🙂

  5. 430 Marie is looking like a hot favourite, a beautiful very wearable berry shade.

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