Dior Summer Tie Dye Makeup Collection 2015…………Preview!

Hi Everyone,

As well as doing hauls, favourites and reviews of beauty products i buy, i also like to keep up with new collections due for release. I generally report on the ones i find the most exciting and yes, they usually involve Dior, Chanel and Guerlain. I don’t bother with MAC because they release a collection every week and i don’t have the time to keep up with all that.

I am loving this new collection coming from Dior and especially the blushers, which look fantastic. So here goes;

Diorskin Nude Tan Tie Dye, Limited Edition

  •  Pink Sunrise
  •  Coral Sunset



Diorskin Nude BB Cream 

  • 025


Tie Dye 5 Couleurs Palette, Limited Edition

  • 746 Ambre Nuit
  • 556 Contraste Horizon



Tie Dye Diorshow Khôl, Limited Edition

  • Pearly Turquoise
  • Pearly Board


Diorshow Iconic Tie Dye Overcurl Waterproof, Limited Edition

  • 451 Bleached Turquoise


Dior Addict Tie Dye Lipstick 

  • Red Bliss
  • Coral Trip
  • Hypnotic Plum
  • Cosmic Pink
  • Fuchsia Utopia
  • Nude Ever


Dior Addict Tie Dye Fluid Stick 

  • 229 Beige Passion
  • 379 Tropiques
  • 449 Ciel Rose
  • 779 Plaisir


Dior Addict Tie Dye Lip Maximizer

  • 006 Beige Sunrise

Dior Vernis

  • 319 Sunwashed/milky yellow
  • 239 Sunkissed/rosy nude
  • 464 Sundown/radiant hibiscus

Dior Tie Dye Top Coat


The Mascara, kohl sticks, lip maximizer and BB cream have my name on them. I love the look of the lipsticks too. No surprises there eh!! What do you think of this collection?

April release in UK and Europe. Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉




~ by Mirifique Beauty on March 25, 2015.

9 Responses to “Dior Summer Tie Dye Makeup Collection 2015…………Preview!”

  1. Oh my, gorgeous! The 746 Ambre Nuit palette in particular. Dior eyeshadows are so pigmented, as you know, they last forever.

    I think the only thing I DON’T want is the turquoise mascara, I did that in the 80s!

    I’m away on holiday on Saturday, I hope none of this is on sale at the airport (that’s a lie!)

    • Hi Anne Marie, I know what you mean. Its so easy to buy beauty items at the airport, especially at Duty Free prices. I bought the overcurl blue mascara last year and totally fell in love with it. I find coloured mascaras a bit fun and playful. I think this shade is a more teal blue rather than an in your face turquoise. Have a fab holiday. I’m off work all this week. xx

  2. Looks lovely, the blush and eyeshadow palettes espcially!

    • I know, i own so many of both lol. I try to single out products i have little of or i can get the most use from now because i own so many products now, it’s ridiculous. I get tons of useage out of eye pencils and lipsticks, hence why i buy these the most. Thanks for reading Anne xx

  3. I looove the nail polishes and the bronzing powder! These would be my picks! 😁
    Lots of xx, Annie


  4. I have just found your blog and I love it …. been reading it right up to the start today in the autumn sun here in Australia.
    I am a lipstick addict like you … love my Chanel, Bobbi Brown , Clarins lippies but …. boy oh boy – Estee Lauder’s Envy lipsticks , and now the Envy Shine line just out …. you must have a play at a counter when in the stores!!! I have 4 already 🙂

    • Thanks so much for liking my blog Melinda. Yes, i am trying to control my spending on lipsticks at the moment. Wish me luck, haha. I love and miss Australia so much. A beautiful country.

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