March Favourites………..2 Years Running, My Skin Care and Running Gear!

Hi Everyone,

A bit of a different favourites this month. I have just realized that i have been running now for 2 years and i still love it.

2 years ago i was very heavy and getting heavier. I was starting to gain more and more health problems related to my weight and something had to give. My knees, literally!

March Favourites 2015

I was quite depressed and hated looking in the mirror. One day, i decided life was far too short for feeling sorry for myself and it was time to change.

Changing required a whole new thought pattern as well as introducing an exercise routine into my life.

How I Started My Weight Loss

Me in March 2013Then(1)

Me in March againI started by doing a 20 minute power walk around my local park. This lead up to running half way around the park andΒ now, i regularly jog 2.5/3 miles at least three time a week with sprints.

Although i am absolutely no fan of any diet and i don’t follow them in any way, i did start to think a bit more about what i was eating. It wasn’t like i ate unhealthy; however, i did pack it away.

The only significant change i did make was cutting cheese out almost completely. I was eating cheese and crackers at 12 am of a night, at my biggest. I do love cheese and i just eat small amounts every now and again and i will have the odd bit of cheese on toast at lunch time rather than at midnight. This helped significantly in my weight loss.

I would still like to lose another dress size, but i am in a good place within myself, so if i don’t, not a problem!

Another wonderful move i made was starting this blog. I love it so much. It’s my baby. I am trying to move forward with it a bit more each year.

I now have the confidence to show my face on my blog, which i think makes it that bit more personal. Baby steps!

I wasn’t going to show the before pictures; however, if it inspires others do get out and do something about their weight, then it’s worth me feeling embarrassed about putting them up for the world to see.

Now onto my favourites:

March 14(1)


L’Oreal Active Anti- Wrinkle Matte Fluid Protection SPF 50+

I use moisturizers and SPF’s when i’m running. It’s amazing when you build up a sweat, the blood rushes to the face and this makes it catch the sun far quicker than normal. A 25 minute run can result in a sun burned face on a mild day. Not good at all.

I use this SPF moisturizing cream when i’m running only. It’s a bit chalky otherwise, It’s great at protecting my face.

Adidas Boost 2 Trainers.Sorbithane heel pads in my runners

These trainers are fantastic. Comfortable, they fit like a glove to my feet. Very bouncy on the feet too. This has helped with my injury problems; in fact, i haven’t had any Tendinitis, (a runners worst nightmare) since owning these and yes! I will buy them again. They are expensive but if they keep you injury free, believe me, they are worth every single penny.

Adidas Running Clothing.Me getting ready for my morning run

The best out there. I wear Climaheat in the winter and Climacool in the summer. It really helps. I get stiff knees in cold weather and i find it difficult to run when it gets really warm during summer.

3kg Hand Weights

I do hand weights two – three times a week for ten minutes at a time. When i was a Pastry Chef, i had very toned arms due to lifting heavy trays in and out of ovens most of the day. Now; i have squidgy arms. I find the weights keep them a bit more toned.

Sorbothane heel pads (Pictured above inside my trainers)

When i developed Tendinitis last year, twice, i was out of action running for nearly 3 months. This is a long time and i put half a stone back on as a result. I was told by a fellow runner to buy these and i would never have it again. Well i never have, touch wood! I did also buy a much better pair of running shoes too. I think both factors have helped save me from injury.

M&S Extra High Impact Sports Bra.M&S Extra High Impact Bra

I love this bra for running in. It keeps me in place. If i ran marathons, i would probably buy a shock absorpber bra but at the moment, this one is doing just fine.Β


Lastly, it’s all about finding the confidence to change your circumstances when things don’t work for you anymore, (and you can). This was one of the big reasons why i was overweight, because i didn’t want to change what i knew had to. It all fall’s into place when you listen to your intuition.ahhhh a well earned cuppa

Now, time for that 5K and then a cuppa. πŸ™‚

Take care and i will see you all soon. πŸ˜‰



~ by Mirifique Beauty on March 29, 2015.

16 Responses to “March Favourites………..2 Years Running, My Skin Care and Running Gear!”

  1. Mandy…..what a transformation. I’ve always thought you have such a pretty face but you look incredible. So beautiful. I feel really thrilled for you. Xx

  2. You look absolutely incredible! What an inspiration! πŸ˜€ I know a lot of people are going to be so motivated by your transformation!

    • Thanks so much, i hope they will be motivated. I can’t imagine a week anymore without some form of exercise in it. I would just feel too guilty not doing any. It really is a lifestyle change for life now. xx

      • You’re welcome! πŸ˜€ Same here! After you get into it, it definitely becomes a habit and I honestly don’t feel good if I don’t follow my routine too!

  3. i love reading about other peoples skin care!!!

  4. That’s great that you’ve stayed faithful to running, I’ve tried and it’s not easy! You look wonderful!

  5. Wow …. what can I say ! You go girl !!!!!

  6. Well done lovely! That’s a great journey and beyond inspirational!
    I’m an active person myself and can’t imagine life without a run or a bit of gym!
    Keep going!
    Lots of xx, Annie

    • Thanks so much Annie. Yes, it’s true. Once you get the exercise bug you can’t stop. I can’t imagine ever being that big again. I don’t want to,
      I got there due to personal reasons but i came through the other side and i hated showing them pics of me before, for obvious reasons but it’s great to show people who think that they can never lose weight, that they really can. I will deffo keep going hun xxx

      • That’s the spirit lovely! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
        I’m sure you must’ve had your reasons to touch that weight, but it’s a good thing you choose the healthy active life instead of feeling sorry for yourself! Chapeau bas for that too! πŸ‘πŸ˜Œ
        Just keep going! Both of us!🌸🌸🌸
        Lots of xx

  7. Wow! Congratulations on staying motivated and reaching your goals! πŸ™‚
    You are definitely an inspiration!

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