Guerlain Mini Haul & Review……………A Secret Healthy Glow, 2015.

Hi Everyone,

I’m so in love with Guerlain this Spring, all the time in fact! They just give us beautiful products time and time again.

I managed to buy a new single eyeshadow and the healthy glow powder, and having used them now for over a couple of weeks, it’s time to review them.

Guerlain One Colour Eyeshadow 01 Taupe Secret

Guerlain Écrin 1 Coleur Long Lasting Eyeshadow Silky Powder.

I managed to swatch every single eyeshadow when i was in Debenhams. The darker shades come up slightly more matte and very intense in pigment. There are sparkling shades such as; Copperfield, (Absolutely beautiful and on my hit list) and Gold N’ Eyes, a true sparkling gold shade. Then there are the lighter more highlighting shades with a smooth satin finish. All are silky soft, incredibly lovely milled powders with great pigmentation. I believe, the best Guerlain have produced so far.

Guerlain 1 Coleur Eyeshadow PackagingGuerlain 1 Coleur Eyeshadow Taupe SecretGuerlain Satin Taupe Close UpGuerlain Ecrin 1 Coleur Eyeshadow Packaging

01 Taupe Secret.

FOTD Bronzy TaupeThe one i bought was Taupe Secret. A lovely pale silvery taupe brown shade. It is on the lighter side of taupe shades but no less beautiful than others i own. It glides on easily and blends with very little effort to a smooth satin finish. Great as a lid colour rather than a transition one.Guerlain 1 Colour Eyeshadow Taupe Secret swatch

I have worn this one for the past couple of weeks on hot days as well as cooler ones and haven’t noticed any difference in wear. The colour stayed true all day on my eyes with no creasing. I did wear an eye primer to.

Pictured right are swatches of the eyeshadow, dry and wet. The eyeshadow takes on a more silvered/metallic effect.

I will be buying more of these as they are fantastic quality. I use high end eyeshadows all the time and yet; Guerlain have just lifted the bar.

 Terracotta Joli Teint Natural Healthy Glow Powder Duo, 00 Light Blondes.

Guerlain Terracotta Joli Teint Powder Duo 00 Light Blondes

When i saw this, i had to have it. Every Terracotta product i own from Guerlain is perfection. What Guerlain doesn’t know about bronzing powders, isn’t worth knowing, they just get their powders so right.Guerlain Joli Teint Healthy Glow Powder Duo Package

Anyway, i bought 00 Blondes Clair. It is a little on the pale side for my skin tone but it does still warm up my skin with the help of the pink blush crescent, which is part of the duo. I would probably go for Blondes Natural next, a much warmer tone.

Guerlain Joli Teint Healthy Glow Powder Duo Close UpThis gives a smooth finish to the skin and feels very silky to touch once on the skin. I really like it; however, Chanel Les Beiges does have the edge in blurring fine lines. That’s my personal opinion anyway.

There is also an addition of perfume to this powder, which is beautiful and not the normal scent associated with Guerlain products.

I really like the packaging as it’s light in weight and smaller in size; ideal for the handbag. There is still 10g of product too.There are four shades available, Light Blondes for fair skin with a pink undertone, Light Brunettes with a peachy tone, Natural blondes and Brunettes for mid toned skin.

Face without Guerlain Jolie Teint Healthy Glow Powder DuoGuerlain Terracotta Healthy Glow Powder Duo 00 Blondes on faceGuerlain Terracotta Jolie Teint Healthy Glow Powder swatch 00 blondes

Picture above left without powder and middle is with the Terracotta Joli Teint Healthy Glow Powder Duo. Picture right is swatch on back of my hand.

Final Thoughts. 

The new single eyeshadows are excellent in quality. Buttery and silky and so easy to blend. They can be worn both dry and wet for a more intense metallic finish.

I can honestly say, they are the best powder eyeshadows i have tried out to date and i don’t care to know how many i have tried.

Guerlain do finely milled, high quality powders to a fine art. You’ll find at least one eyeshadow that you’re going to fall in love with. I can put that out there with confidence. I plan to buy Copperfield because this is truly a beautiful shade.Guerlain Terracotta Healthy Glow Powder Duo on face(1)

The Terracotta Joli Teint Powder Duo is very nice and makes for a lovely silky finishing powder. Not a ‘must have’ but i am still happy i bought it. I would opt for the darker shade next time. As you can see in the photo’s above, it has only made a slight difference to my skin. It does give the healthy glow though. Pictured right is the finished look using both products. 

Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on May 3, 2015.

21 Responses to “Guerlain Mini Haul & Review……………A Secret Healthy Glow, 2015.”

  1. If I was you I wouldn’t go up a shade in the Healthy Glow. Your skin glows with the 00 shade…..amazingly natural look and your skin looks flawless. You have a great match with your Neva colour too. If you go up to the next blonde, 02 I think it would be more bronzed as opposed to glowing. As bronzed look is very ‘out’ this season and glow is ‘in’ I would stick with what you’ve bought. I have very similar skin tone to you and I also went for 00. It’s performance certainly looks more impressive than Les Beiges in your photo Mandy. But I hear Chanel are releasing a No.25 in Les Beiges in June which is just what I need. 30 is to dark and 20 feel a touch too light. Whilst I’m a sucker for a Chanel compact I love the swirl of blush in these. Xx

    • Yes true Amanda, i just think i can look a little washed out sometimes. I still use 4 seasons bronzer to contour with though and add a blusher, which really is a good finish.
      I used Dior Fusion Wear Makeup in 20 in the main pic.
      I am also going for 25 in Les Beiges when it comes out next month. I love Les Beiges, especially the tri colour one i bought last year, that leaves a gorgeous finish to my skin. I wish i’d bought two of them now. Thanks for your comment and i think you’re probably right about the darker shade. xx

  2. ** I meant neck colour **

  3. I think Chanel are doing the tri colours again with Les Beiges launch in June but the stripes go in a different direction this year???? I don’t think you look washed out in these pics…..quite the reverse. Really glowing English Rose look. But I do think it’s very difficult to see the impact of Glow powders on yourself. I could never really tell the difference with Les Beiges 20 on. I’m really into cream products this season. I bought the new Tom Ford cream blush last week and my hubby said my skin looks ‘juicy’. I just love the dewy look that cream products achieve v powder at the moment. Oh and YSL Blur Perfector…….it’s a game changer Mandy. I got mine at Feel Unique with 20% off which makes it very, very affordable. Xx

    • I don’t like the silicon primers tbh. I tried both the clear gel and compact version. I still love my universal base from Chanel.
      I’m not fussed on the stripey Les Beiges but i have to see them and one is very much a bronzer. I think the other leans towards a blusher type.
      The healthy glow sticks look fantastic though x

  4. I love those new singles!!! Some of the darker shades were a little dry though, but taupe and khaki are winners!

  5. That’s such a lovely taupe shade! 😊💕👌🏼 I still haven’t decided whether I need the powder of not yet! LOL
    Lots of xx, Annie

  6. God – I love Guerlain! I feel their lipglosses are the best on the market. Have you seen the Guerlain Météorites Perles de Blush?? So gorgeous! Very pink though….

    • I have never tried their lip glosses but i think i will now. I love pretty much every single thing they do. Especially the meteorites. The blush is a bit pink for me tbh but the new eyeshadows are stunning in quality and colours. I am loving the healthy glow powder more and more each time i use it as well and it has the most beautiful fragrance too. Thanks for commenting x

  7. The packaging is divine!! Love your blog would be lovely if you could check mine out too xxx

  8. Hi, I know I’m a bit late commenting but I just came across your review. This powder really adds a a lovely glow to your face. Do you think this shade would suit someone with really strong pink to red undertones? I generally avoid pink foundations, blushes etc as I don’t want to emphasise the pink. I want to neutralise it. I was considering going for one of the brunette shades but I’ve read on other blogs that they lean very orange / yellow. Many thanks.

    • Hi Kate, thanks for reading my review. I find this shade very pale tbh. Its great for my winter skin. I have pale skin (NC20) in the winter with a pink undertone. I think it does give a very nice finish, which brightens and no it didn’t emphasize any pink in my skin at all. The pink does not show at all, in fact. I thought the coral one was very orangey on my skin too.
      Chanel have just released Les Beiges in number 25. I would deffo urge you to check that out if you want a lovely warm beige colour to the skin. It gives a very subtle effect and i’m head over heals, (review and pics next week). My skin is now a bit warmer because of the summer here and it has given my skin a lovely healthy tone which looks natural and like i haven’t applied anything to my skin. I hope this helps hun xx

      • Thank you. You’ve been very helpful. Looking forward to your review of the new Chanel shade. Btw, have you tried the new limited edition Meteorites Rainbow Pearls? I’ve read mixed reviews about them so can’t decide whether to go for them or whether to try Clair. I have a couple of Guerlain bronzers but never tried Meteorites.

      • I do love the Meteorites but they are very subtle. Great to own at least one shade in them. I like the pressed version because you can travel with them.

      • Thank you for replying so promptly. What’s your favourite Meteorites shade? Thanks.

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