The Tuesday Tester………….May Beauty, The Incredible Face Mask.

Hi Everyone,

It’s been quite some time since i did one of my ‘Tuesday Tester’ posts. These posts are where i try out new/product samples.

Today i’m doing a post for May Beauty. They very kindly supplied me with their latest face mask which targets, acne, blackheads and oily skin in return for an honest review.

May Beauty The Incredible Face Mask Package

As everyone knows, (who read my posts) i have problem skin, so this type of face mask is ideal for me to try out.

The mask.

The mask itself is mostly made up of deep sea mud, glycerin and sea weed.

The instructions are to apply with the brush provided, leave 30 minutes until it sets and then peel off carefully.

It has a gel consistency rather than clay.

The results.

I followed the instructions above and rinsed my face in warm water to remove any bits left after peeling off the mask.

When it set, it did have a slight pulling effect, a bit like a clay mask.

Once removed, i noticed dead skin cells and blackheads had came off with the mask and my skin felt soft and oil free.

I also noticed it was a bit red; not unlike a clay mask and there was a bit of a tingling sensation that lasted for approx.20 minutes more.

My skin looked refreshed and pores look tightened.

I finished off with my usual moisturizer.

May Beauty Incredible Face Mask

Overall Thoughts.

This is a great mask that works very much like a clay one, only it’s far easier to remove.

It draws impurities out of the pores, excess oil and dead skin cells and leaves the skin thoroughly cleansed and refreshed.

I found that the redness didn’t linger for too long; however, this would be great to use on them pamper evenings and not directly before going out. I am very happy with the results.

If you want to try this out for yourself with 30% off, then you can buy itΒ here.

Take care and i will see you all soon. πŸ˜‰

~ by Mirifique Beauty on May 12, 2015.

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