The Tuesday Tester…………..Guerlain Cils D’Enfer So Volume Mascara, 2015.

Hi Everyone,

In case you’re not familiar with my ‘Tuesday Tester’ series of posts, i review sample products and how long the samples last.

It gives a good indication of what to expect with full sized versions and their longevity and value.

Guerlain sample So Volume Mascara

Recently, i purchased a couple of items from Guerlain and received a 7 day sample of the new mascara, So Volume.

In the past, i haven’t had a great relationship with Guerlain mascaras. They didn’t deliver any lift or curl to my lashes so, i was excited to try out this new one which promises their best results yet.

Guerlain mascara sample

My expectations therefore; are, i want my lashes to be lifted and curled and look separated. Not too much of an ask then!

Guerlain Mascara Wand

Does this new mascara meet my expectations?

I tried it in two ways.

By itself with both one and two coats.

I curled my lashes with my Shu Uemura eye lash curlers, (as always) then applied one coat of the sample mascara. This gave my lashes an instant lifting and separating effect. When it set after a couple of minutes, i noticed my lashes dipped very slightly.

Guerlain Cils D Enfer So Volume Mascara One CoatGuerlain Cils D Enfer So Volume Mascara 2 coats

Above left with one coat of Cils D’Enfer So Volume mascara and right is with two coats.Β 

I applied a second coat and this did thicken and lengthen my lashes further; however, it did struggle with separation and i noticed slight clumping in places. I had to go in with a separate lash brush to separate my lashes further and remove some tiny clumps.

I was still fairly impressed with the result.

One Coat of Dior Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum and one coat of the mascara.Guerlain Cils D Enfer So Volume Mascara with Dior Maximizer

I applied a base coat of the Dior lash maximizer and then one coat of the Guerlain So Volume mascara.

It helped the mascara to both lift and separate and help the product stay in place with no lash dipping and no clumps.

Pictured right is one coat of Guerlain Cils D’Enfer So Volume mascara applied over base coat, Dior Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum.Β 

Overall result.

The best result came when the Dior Lash Maximizer was used as the base coat. It helped give the mascara much more impact and no clumps without having to use two coats of the product.

Overall, the mascara is great to use as a one coat mascara but it did struggle with separation and slight clumping when a second coat was added. I like the false lash effect, so it’s quite important for me to get long, separated and thicker lashes using two coats of mascara without clumps.

If you’re more into the natural lash look, this one is great for you because the mascara gives lovely, evenly separated, longer curled lashes with one coat.

In my opinion, this is the best mascara Guerlain have produced so far. The full size comes with a fairly generous 8.5 ml of product, so you’ll get a significant amount of use out of it too.

Have you tried it out yet?

Take care and i will see you all soon. πŸ˜‰



~ by Mirifique Beauty on May 26, 2015.

4 Responses to “The Tuesday Tester…………..Guerlain Cils D’Enfer So Volume Mascara, 2015.”

  1. Wow! It sure does what it says! It made your lashes look amazing! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ˜Š
    Wishing you an amazing week!
    Lots of xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

  2. Oh this mascara looks great on you! I have serious lash envy… you’re right though this one does clump, and I have to brush it out with a clean lash brush. Otherwise, it’s really lengthening and volumnizing!

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