Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Neiges, Holiday 2015……………And The Rest of My Collection.

Hi Everyone,

Guerlain have just released The Neiges & Merveilles Holiday Collection 2015 and as part of that collection, there is a stunning set of Météorites to go with it. I couldn’t pass up on this set, even though, i had passed up on the past few years offerings. Why?

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Neiges Holiday 2015

Météorites had become a little confused in recent years. I never understood the brightly coloured shades of balls. They never came across as a highlighter/finishing powder or even a blusher. I didn’t know where they would fit in in my collection.

The new météorites; however, have fabulous neutral shades of gold, beige and white including matte white stars. It now comes in lovely plastic screw on packaging resembling a Christmas bauble. Summing up in one word; Beautiful!

Guerlain Meteorites Collection

Keep it simple! It will always be a winner and this year, Guerlain have done that. The packaging is a vast improvement too. Going back to 30gm of product, (even though they do cost more) is a wise move.

The legendary scent of violets is still there and i love that it never fades, even when you have owned them for 6 years or more.

Here are my thoughts on the new météorites, along with some others i have enjoyed over the years.

Météorites Flocons Enchantés, Perles de Neiges from Guerlain Neiges et Merveilles Holiday 2015. (30g)

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Neiges with mirror and powder puffGuerlian Meteorites Perles de Neiges Close upGuerlain Meteorites Perles de Neiges Holiday 2015 on cheekbone

(Picture above right is powder on my cheekbone and down the centre of my face in LED lighting). 

Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Neiges 4 shadesBy far, my favourite. The packaging and colours are stunning. I personally only noted 4 shades in my purchase. The gold, beige, champagne and matte white stars give a lovely high glow, highlighted finish to cheekbones, down centre of face; etc with a small fluffy brush or one sweep of a large powder brush, gives an airbrushed/blurred finish to the entire face. No chunks of glitter anywhere!

I don’t think i get a sunkissed look from them, but more like the description says; snow pearls. That is very much the effect i get.

Do not pass up on these and they are selling out fast. You’ve been warned. 😉

Météorites Perles 01 Teint Rosé. (30g) Released in 2010.

Guerlain Meteorites Powder Perles 01 Teint Rose

My second most favourite. The metal tin packaging containing lilac, turquoise blue, shimmering yellow, pink and; shimmering white pearls.

They give a correcting finish. If you have redness, they counter this. There is no high glow or glitter but gives a lovely finished airbrushed glow to the skin with an evened out look.Guerlain Meteorites Teint Rose number 01

They aren’t available in pearls anymore; however, you will be pleased to know that they are available in the pressed version; no 2, which is also very popular. I have been using them in conjunction with my new météorites.

Météorites Travel Touch Powder, 01 Mythic. (7g) Released 2011? and ongoing.

Guerlain Meteorites Travel Touch Voyage PowderGuerlain Travel Touch Meteorites Powder

Love the powder version of this. Its very handy if you’re in a hurry and still delivers a nice finish to the skin. Pale pink in colour and i love that the powder puff is attached to the whole product. The powder makes its way through the puff onto the skin. Ideal for travelling.

Météorites Perles De Nuit. (30g) From Guerlain Belle de Nuit Holiday 2011.

Guerlain Meteorites Powder Perles de NuitI do like these ones but maybe not quite as much as the previous three mentioned. They are slightly darker and mixed Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Nuittogether, are a deeper shade of beige/pink with a touch of glitter; hence the name. Ideal for mid/olive skin tones.

Love the teal coloured tin packaging. Guerlain; had stopped putting puffs in them, which annoyed me a little bit. Sponges do not work with this wonderful product.

Colours include; pink, beige, shimmering/glittery silvered lilac, tan brown and; shimmering white.

Météorites Perles D’Or. (30g) From Holiday Collection 2010.

Guerlain Meteorites Powder Perles DorGuerlain Meteorites Perles Dor

Lovely silver tin with the golden bee on the lid. This one did come with a powder puff in black. I do like these colours, they transfer warmer on the skin and are ideal for winter. Again, not shimmery but gives a nice finish to the skin. Colours include; pink, glittery white, shimmering golden beige, purple and; pale beige.

Météorites Perles Impériales, (33g) From the Holiday 2009 Collection.

Guerlain Meteorites Powder Perles ImperialesGuerlain Meteorites Perles ImperialesThe first ones i ever owned. Black cardboard packaging with shimmering stones on top and the sides. As you can see, they have almost turned to a powder now. I still love them and i did drop them a couple of times. (Not advisable!) I can only distinguish lilac, pink, shimmering white and beige/gold balls now; however, i’m pretty sure there were 5 colours.

There you have it. How many Météorites do you own? If any! I am a huge fan, as you can see. Tell me your favourites.Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Neiges packaging

Take care and i will see you all soon. 😉


~ by Mirifique Beauty on November 7, 2015.

4 Responses to “Guerlain Meteorites Perles de Neiges, Holiday 2015……………And The Rest of My Collection.”

  1. The packaging on these is amazing! 🙂

  2. I will mit buy more finishing powders I will not buy more finishing powders… XD
    I only have one of these, but a couple finishing powders with similar effects from other brands. But those perles de neiges are just soooo pretty!

    • haha you just keep telling yourself that. Finishing powders always suck me in. I love them. The Neiges are a lovely highlighter that isn’t as subtle as the usual meteorites. Their best yet. Thanks for commenting xx

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