Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument Holiday Makeup Collection 2015…………Vive La France!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to say that i had a nightmare trying to find the Chanel Signe Particulier and both the eye pencils because Boots let me down with their ordering system; however, in light of everything that has happened over the past week in Paris, it really is so insignificant.

A real sobering thought that people can lose their lives, enjoying themselves on a night out. Stay strong France; we’re all with you!

Chanel Holiday Makeup 2015 packaging

I did end up getting the quad in Harvey Nichols and the SA even gift wrapped that and the gold eye pencil for me and i bought the Rouge Noir pencil in Debenhams. (They do have some eyeshadow quads left if you’re still looking). I got the Rouge Noir mascara on my points at Boots.

I Β have a FOTD post coming soon using all of these products.

Signe Particulier Quad Eyeshadow, Holiday Collection 2015.

Chanel Signe Particulier Eyeshadow QuadChanel Signe Particulier quad baseChanel quad eyeshadows Signe Particulier

A few people have been comparing this to the quad released in 2012, Harmonie Du Soir. It is slightly similar in the fact that Chanel use the same wonderful super buttery highly milled eyeshadows. The lightest shade, a highlighting pink is pretty much the same but the other three are quite different.Chanel Quad Eyeshadows Signe Particulier Close up

There is a dark purple shade unlike the red in the previous quad. The lilac taupe is not as brown as the previous one and the saffron gold is a much warmer, deeper shade. The previous quad had all satin/shimmer finishes, Signe Particulier is largely matte and the gold has a shimmer finish, giving a very different look to the eyes.

Chanel Signe Particulier and Harmonie du Soir comparisons

I thought that this one would never compete with Harmonie du Soir, a palette i love very much. Well! Signe Particulier is so much more beautiful and suits my eyes even better. So happy i got this one. The overall finish on my eyes is very different in comparison to HdS and i’m so glad i didn’t take on board what others have said.

Top Signe Particulier Bottom Harmonie du SoirComparisons between Chanel Signe Particulier and Harmonie Du Soir Eyeshadow palettes

Picture above left in ambient lighting and right is LED lighting.

Le Volume de Chanel Mascara, 27 Rouge Noir.

Chanel Volume de Chanel Mascara 27 Rouge NoirChanel Le Volume Mascara 27 Rouge Noir Close Up

I do really like this mascara. The wand gives long spidery eye lashes. I bought the shade prune last year, which is quite similar. Rouge Noir has a more purple base. It gives a much deeper finish on the eyes. Going to be great on deep brown eyes.Chanel Le Volume Macara 27 Rouge Noir

The product lasts really well and has never clumped on my lashes and it doesn’t smudge either. It does breakdown a touch after 12 hours wear. Usually, this is when i am removing my makeup anyway. Very nice indeed.

Le Crayon KhΓ΄l Intense Eye Pencil, 17 Rouge Noir.

This is a beautiful shade. A proper pencil which comes with a sharpener too.

Chanel Le Crayon Khol 17 Rouge NoirChanel Intense Eye Pencil Close Up

It has a formula that can be smudged out and it is a lovely deep raisin shade. It appears quite matte but on close up with my camera, it has ultra micro blue shimmer. I can get this pencil very close to my lash line and it frames my blue eyes really well without producing the harshness black pencils give. Very flattering and not to be missed for any ones eyes.Chanel Khol Eye Pencil 17 Rouge Noir and 57 Or Safari

Le Crayon Yeux, Precision Eye Definer, 57 Or Safari.

A stunning warm deep Saffron gold with slight shimmer. This pencil comes with a sharpener and a smudger at the base of the pencil.

This works brilliantly with the Rouge Noir pencil because it is a complete contrast and i am looking forward to playing with these two pencils together. It also matches the gold within the Signe Particulier quad eyeshadows perfectly.

Chanel Le Crayon Yeux 57 Or Safari(1)Chanel Precision Eye Definer Pencil 57 Or Safari Close Up

It doesn’t give a garish finish either even though it looks like it would in the pencil. I always trust Chanel to keep it low key and classy.

Final Thoughts.

I never bought the top coat with gold pieces because it isn’t really a unique product and can be bought anywhere.

The highlighting blush was ok but was no where near the stand out, ‘star dust’ i bought in 2012, in the Harmonie Du Soir Holiday collection 2012. This one was pale pink with multi micro shimmer whereas Coupe de Nuit, is a pale peachy beige with a satin finish that will suit darker toned skins. It just didn’t show up very well on mine.

Lastly, the Rose Fusion nail colour was lovely but not unlike, 525 Quartz, which i own. Quartz is more of a taupe with green micro shimmer which looks beautiful caught in direct sunlight. Rose fusion has a rosier edge to it. I bought 675 Troublante instead; Chanel’s 2015 stand out polish of the year in my opinion.Chanel Le Vernis 675 Troublante

There you have it. I hope you didn’t lose out if you wanted any of the collection. It is a very nice one and the eyeshadow quad has the best quality powders Chanel use. The whole collection is LE.

Vive La France and i mean it when i say, take care and i will see you all soon. πŸ™‚


~ by Mirifique Beauty on November 18, 2015.

14 Responses to “Chanel Rouge Noir Absolument Holiday Makeup Collection 2015…………Vive La France!”

  1. I have had major disasters with this collection because Harrods lost my original order and then John Lewis lost my order to replace the Harrods order so I have given up and just decided it’s not meant to be. However there has been some adverse comment about the performance of the quad and it does seem that the Tisse quads seem to perform better than the ordinary quads? So I don’t know now if I am now as bothered as I was about not having it. Naturally I have the all the polish from the collection but I bought those instore at Selfridges on release day as I knew they would go quickly. I can’t have enough gold splatters and the performance of this top coat is something else. How they’ve got the coverage to be so even on application……incredible! I was desperate for the Γ‰cintelle gloss too but seeing as both orders are lost I guess I’ll never get to wear that. Nice, thoughtful comments about Paris Mandy. Xx

    • I’m so sorry to hear that Amanda. Debenham still had it available as of two days ago. Boots apparently really messed their ordering up and as a result released the collection one week later than everybody else. I had points to use and wanted to get collection it there.
      It Wasn’t to be because they had no quad or eye pencils due to others putting in second and third orders that week. I phoned Harvey Nichols and the lovely SA there saved me one of last two quads.
      I must admit both the quad and eye pencils are lovely. This is the highest quality eyeshadows that Chanel Produce. I find the pigmentation great on this one and it works lovely on blue eyes. I do own Tisse Camelia and I think It’s still not quite as pigmented, although I like it very much. I have found that I’ve used more product to try and get a stronger finish on my eyes. It may just be that particular Palette though because Tisse Gabrielle is much stronger. I’ve worn this loads and it almost looks brand new because only a tiny amount of product is required.
      It’s a shame you didn’t get hold of it really.
      Thanks for comment on Paris. I have been very lucky in my life to work with many French people when I was a Chef. I love pretty much everything about France and what a horrible evil thing to happen to such a lovely people.
      It puts my little difficulties of finding makeup right into perspective really.
      Thanks for commenting Amanda xx

  2. The eye crayons look lovely! πŸ’• What about their nail polishes… Did they changed their formulation or they still chip in one day? Enjoy your picks lovely! 😊, Annie | Annie’s Beauty

    • Hi Annie, you asked Me that question about Chanel nail Polish before. Maybe you didn’t get to read my reply last time. Chanel use 3 different formulations so you may need to work out which one is best for you.Troublante has been on my nails For 3 days now without chipping. I have never found any nail Polish that lasts as long by Amy other company without having to buy a good topcoat
      Hope this helps xx

      • Sorry lovely! I might have missed your reply last time! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… But thank you again for the time you took reminding me!
        3 days with or without top coat it’s just not good enough! They need to put a little more effort into their formulation since there are better alternatives on the market at the moment!
        πŸ™ŒπŸΌ just saying! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

      • fabulous. I am so happy you have alternatives. It’s all a matter of preference I love Chanel nail polishes and 3 days is good enough for me. Xx

  3. Loving those colours…purples get me every time! I really think I need to try that mascara too… β˜ΊπŸ’•

  4. The collection was released only a few days ago here in Austria. I got my two must haves, the mascara and the khol. I also wanted the gold pencil, but I already have a few golds, so I skipped. I might go back for the Rouge Noir lippie and mayyybe the nail polish. This is my favorite Holiday Collection this year, although Guerlain is also mouth-watering.

    • I know the Rouge Noir eye pencil is one of the most flattering colours I have ever used. It’s lovely 😘😁 I bought the Guerlain meteorites, not to be missed!!! 😍I got the stunning Guerlain lip gloss top coat. Starry Shimmer. I am a sucker for sparkling lip glosses. You bought great products there. Thanks for commenting and can’t wait to see your blog post xx

      • I agree the color is so great because it’s not a stark black, but still intense πŸ™‚ my post might take a while the light outside is so drab and the colors come out wrong on the pics, boo.

      • I know what you mean about natural lighting. I am going to invest in a better camera next year with low light in mind. It’s terrible for me to in winter also. We had a sunnyday yesterday and I spent the whole day doing photos for various posts.

  5. Thanks for this lovely post comparing against HdS. Your swatches definitely look much better than mine! I loved the rouge noir eye pencil and mascara too, and the illusion d’ombre is my go-to these past months. Can’t wait for spring now!

    • I wish i could fall in love with the current Illusion D’Ombre. I can see how it would be fantastic on your eyes. It is too dark for me, sadly. I’m looking forward to Dior’s Spring collection. It is very beautiful. Not so over awed with Chanel’s offerings, although the blush looks incredible. Guerlain Spring is gorgeous too. Thanks for reading and commenting Linda xx

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