My Latest Haul…………….Dior Holiday Splendor Collection 2016.

Hi Everyone,

I have been waiting in anticipation for Peter Philips take on the Dior Christmas collections and i’m not disappointed at all.

After the seriously disappointing Chanel Fall & Holiday collections 2016. Possibly, the worst holiday collection i have ever seen from Chanel. It’s great to see Dior got it right.


Luckily, with my limited beauty spending this year, i am quite happy i saved my money and the Chanel Spring Coco Code 2017 collection is going to steal all my money because that is beautiful.

5 Coleurs Splendor Eyeshadow Palette, 066 Smoky Sequins.

Anyway, rant over. I managed to buy two pieces from the Dior collection and as per usual, i wanted more. I love both the quint eyeshadow palettes but opted for the Smoky Sequins palette because that would suit my blue/grey eyes a bit more.


The five shades consist of a sparkling white to use as a highlighter; pale silvered grayΒ can also be a highlighter; a lovely mid toned gray with a satin finish and a black that is the most matte of all these shades and is ideal in the crease and as an eyeliner. The centre shade is a beautiful light coppery brown that has a high satin finish. Great to add into the centre of the mobile lid or used as a transition shade.


As per usual, deeply pigmented and do not crease. They also blend together very well. I really do love the holiday quints by Dior. Never fail to impress.


Fusion Mono Long Wear Mirror Shine Eyeshadow, 751 Infinity.

You cannot go wrong with this bouncy textured mousse eyeshadow that goes on like a high sheen sparkling powder.


I have most of the shades in my collection and they make great highlighters and transition shades. The neutral colours also suit every eye tone.


This shade is a mid toned brown with a high sheen finish and it works very well with the smoky sequins quint. Again, i have never known these to crease but i do wear a primer on the eyes.


This shade also has facettes of tiny green, golden and pink sparkles that twinkle off the light. Beautiful.


I don’t understand any middle-aged woman who wants to wear all matte eyeshadows. There is nothing more ageing in my opinion. You always need that bit of satin/sparkle finish just to lighten up the eye area. The Fusion Mono eyeshadows can add that without being over kill.


That was my picks of the Dior Holiday Splendor Collection for 2016. What; if any, where yours and why?the-cat

Take care and i will see you all soon. πŸ˜‰

~ by Mirifique Beauty on November 20, 2016.

5 Responses to “My Latest Haul…………….Dior Holiday Splendor Collection 2016.”

  1. I have seen these in the shops and they are beautiful ! I do agree with the Chanel Christmas series … Huh?? LOL Have you seen the Guerlain Christmas series? This year its beautiful – the last year it was like Chanel’s – very disappointing.

  2. I also skipped Chanel Holiday (don’t like the colors) but also Dior (pretty colors but I have many similar ones). Thus I decided to skip all Holiday Collection except MAC. Am curious about the upcoming spring collections from Chanel and Dior.

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