NARS Haul………………Man Ray Fall Collection 2017.

Hi Everyone,

Recently, i bought NARS powermatte lip pigments and i was really impressed with them. (Review to come).

It seems to me, NARS have really improved the quality of some of their products over the past few years.

I was looking for a new highlighter (I don’t own many.Honestly!) and; i’m just really into highlighters at the moment.

I had seen the photo of the new amazing Man Ray collection on Instagram and fell in love with the highlighter. Therefore, I went to buy that and only that and of course! I saw the lip gloss to and had to have that as well.

Man Ray

Man Ray was a Photographer famed for surreal art. Born in the US in 1890, he relocated to France in 1930 and his work was very influenced by Sigmund Freud.

Francois Nars has paid homage to the man and his famous ‘The Lovers’, piece in this collection hence, the lips printed on all the packaging and in some of the pressed powders.

Overexposed Glow Highlighter. Double Take.

For me, this is one of the best pieces of the collection. Its a beautiful metallic gold highlighter.

A warm yellow/gold with the Man Ray lips imprinted on the powder.

It looks like its a generous size in the pan; however, it is only 6.5gm in size and highlighters normally range from 8 -10gm. Priced at Β£28.00, it is inexpensive for a good quality highlighter so, this more than makes up for its lack of weight.

When i swatched it for the first time, it was very smooth and pigmented with a slight metallic finish. No chunky glitters and it blends out quickly. It’s a very universal shade which can be used on the eyes for highlighting, over the top of the lip as well as cheek bones.

Photogloss Lip Lacquer, Muse.

Muse is a warm yellow gold lip lacquer with golden and rose gold shimmer. It is ideal for a lipstick topper and for an evening out. It can be worn alone but i am too pale to pull it off. This will be incredible on darker skin tones.

It glides on the lips without feeling sticky or gloopy and feels very comfortable with a good amount of slip. It lasts very well over lipstick too.

The small pointed doe foot glides the product over the lips with quite precise ease. It is not the best applicator i have used for lip products like this but it still works well.

I must admit, i wouldn’t have really called this particular shade a lip lacquer, more a lip gloss. I cannot tell the difference because this shade is not fully opaque like other lip lacquers i own (Dior).

Saying that, the plum and beige shade in this collection are much more opaque and have no glitter.

The gloss does have a slightly unusual fragrance but isn’t strong and doesn’t transfer to the mouth in taste.

The SA tried this on on me over the Audatious lipstick, Anita and it worked beautifully. I prefer it on top of darker lipsticks myself and over my Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Lipstick Nightfall, in particular. (Above left without and right with gloss) Works a dream and takes the dark edge off the lipstick and brings it to life.

Final Thoughts.

The whole of the Man Ray collection is very impressive. The duo eyeshadows are lovely and i may get one before they are gone.

I picked up both the highlighter and lip lacquer because i don’t own these shades. These will get plenty of wear.

They were very reasonably priced for the quality and both will make fantastic Christmas presents because they are universally flattering.

My SA in NARS at Harvey Nichols, has invited me back next week to have a complimentary lesson in smoky eyes. I can’t wait and will keep you posted.

Take care and i will see you all soon. πŸ˜‰



~ by Mirifique Beauty on October 22, 2017.

10 Responses to “NARS Haul………………Man Ray Fall Collection 2017.”

  1. Yes I am here! My 83year old Mum is at my home for now and she has been in and out of hospital all this year so its been busy at times.
    Now, I do not think the Man Ray collection is here yet but its lovely and that gloss looks fab on you!!! I really want to try the highlighter but I wonder , with my pink based skin and my grey hair –it may not work ….Mmmmmmm

    • Hi so glad you have your mum with you although that must be tiring.
      I’m not sure it would work for u but the Dior holiday is bringing out a lovely more flesh toned highlighter that Deffo would. I am impressed with this collection πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜‹

  2. Going shopping today (hubby is home so he is on duty! LOL ) . I will see if the Dior holiday things are here. What bronzer do you use? I bought one of the Hourglass ones last week and had to take it back – turned this strange orange red colour on me as the day wore on!

  3. I had the Guerlain Blondes too and it was good……. I will check out their stand today. I just forgot them! Too much on my mind and its so funny what you forget! LOL Hope I find you well πŸ™‚

    • They have a new trio one out that includes a highlighter. That looks very interesting. I just had a tooth removed. Ended up with an infected dry socket nit it’s starting to heal now. The pain was something to behold 😱😌

  4. OMG ….. tooth pain is the worst! No …. that Nars is not here yet.

  5. That highlighter is SO pretty!

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